Directly following graduation, we will have a couple weeks filled with member orientation to Ethnos360 and member interviews. We are excited to finally become members! Then, we will drive home to CA on April 12th!

You get to meet our coworkers! Jacob & Katie DeValve, are from Connecticut and are planning to visit sometime in May to get a chance to connect with our home base. We are also looking forward to seeing them after not seeing them for over 5 months!


As we move back, we have a few goals: 1) rest, 2) preparations & logistics, and 3) serve our community and continue to invest in relationships. As part of the last goal, Michael will be working at our churches (CVCC & OCF) with a few different ministries.


We are also planning to visit Jacob & Katie’s hometown in Connecticut and connect with their family, friends, and support team. This will be the last time we see our coworkers before we see them in Papua New Guinea!


We have a few travel plans to visit Northern California and see some supporters along the way!


An intentional time of rest and family as we prepare our family for the move to Papua New Guinea. One last holiday season at home before we embark on the journey ahead.


After 5 years of preparation, and over 10 years of feeling led to missions, our family will move from the urban jungle of Southern California to the remote jungles of Papua New Guinea. Once we land (with our coworkers!), we will begin 6 months of orientation on the field!


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