Are We There Yet?


I feel like I’ve been asking this question a lot lately. Of myself, of my circumstances, of God. As many of you know, we are in full-time support-raising mode, as we prepare to head to Missouri this August for 2 years of missionary training with New Tribes Mission (NTM). These 2 years will equip us with all the necessary skills to spend what could be the next 10-20 years in Papua New Guinea (PNG), working to plant a self-sustaining church amongst an unreached people group. 

We are excited, nervous, anxious, and just about every other emotion in between. Those of you who know our story know that we share a dream to bring the gospel to an unreached people group, and that returning to PNG has been something that the Lord has continued to make clear to us since we returned from an internship there back in 2014.


Over the past few years since our internship, we finished up college, graduated in the spring of 2016, got married that July, and have since been in the process of preparing for a life overseas. 


It has been a sweet period of newlywed life, as we have been working full-time jobs, living in a new city in our little 400 sq. ft. studio apartment with all its quirks and personality, and building relationships with our home church in Chino. Although we love our little life here, the past 8 months have felt like a period of waiting as we have been itching to head back to PNG to pursue tribal church planting. 

Photo by Ryan Scott Welsh (check him out, he's awesome!)

Photo by Ryan Scott Welsh (check him out, he's awesome!)

Our new normal from February-August consists of working our current jobs 8a-5p, driving for an hour or so to a support meeting that lasts anywhere from 1-3 hours, driving home, taking care of things around the apartment, going to sleep, and then waking up and doing it all over again. As both natural introverts (and just human beings with limitations), we quickly realized our limits, and just how dependent upon the Lord we are. This season of life is tiring, but we are so encouraged. We LOVE getting to meet with individuals and families to share what the Lord is doing amongst the tribes of Papua New Guinea.


Life recently just feels like a never ending series of transition and change, but the Lord has been so good in helping us see things from His perspective. As humans, we tend to run towards comfort and avoid pain -- if one thing’s for sure it’s that change is uncomfortable. Although usually subconsciously, I feel my heart pleading with God.


“Are we there yet?”


“When will it be comfortable?”


“When will I feel like I’ve got it together a little more?”


But despite all of my questions, the Lord continues to gently remind me that waiting is active, not passive, and that in seasons of waiting and change, there is so much He wants to teach us.

Our desire is to play a small role in His bigger story, but most days it's hard. In the midst of the transition and tough days, we are so encouraged by you, and have learned new depths to the body of Christ in this season as people within our church family have been so present for us personally, and intentional with their excitement and involvement in the ministry.


Thank you for your prayers - we really feel them – your words, and your investment in Kingdom things. It is a privilege to partner in this ministry with you.