Orientation 2017 // Brooks Buser


Brooks and Nina Buser were missionaries with New Tribes Mission to the Yembi Yembi people group in Papua New Guinea. After establishing a successful, self-sustaining church, Brooks currently serves as the president of Radius International.

Brooks gave these 3 sermons as part of our orientation kick-off at the Missionary Training Center. Our prayer is that you would be just as encouraged by them as we were.


"Are you going to be like the ones who come and go? Or are you coming to stay?"

"Endeavor tirelessly to become insiders in the people group God calls you to. Jesus didn't come down inn a parachute at 29.5 years old; He became an insider and lived a normal life for 30 years before beginning ministry."

"Nothing will ever come close to watching the gospel penetrate an unreached people group for the first time."


"Up until the 1990's, the #1 reason people left the field was because of coworkers and team conflict. Now, the family is the biggest reason people are leaving."

"The last acceptable idolatry in the West is the idolatry of the family."


"It takes 1,000 right decisions to make it into the tribe; it takes 1 wrong decision to go home."

"Pay the price now, so when we get to the promise land, it's worth enjoying."



Want to learn more about Brooks and his family? Watch their journey in this powerful documentary.

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